Nash Bash! Was A Big Hit in Nashville's Sync Music Community

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Nashville-area artists, songwriters and producers met together at Nash Bash

On the evening of Sunday, March 5th, 2Indie community member (and phenomenal vocal coach and songwriter) Moe Loughran graciously opened the doors to her home to host our first ever in-person event in Nashville: Nash Bash!

Indie artists, songwriters and producers from all over the Nashville metro area gathered together for this exclusive private event. Over cocktails, wine and a huge assortment of tasty snacks, this mixer introduced so many talented people to each other for the first time. 

Thank you everyone for coming out and connecting with each other. We had two offers from attendees to host future mixer events like this one. How exciting! It's our hope that Nash Bash laid the foundation for many more 2Indie in-person events in Nashville to come.

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