Hey there friend, we're John & Sonnet!

Can we ask a few questions...

  • Are you an indie artist, songwriter, or producer who wants to make a big impact on the world with their music?
  • Do people tell you your music should be in shows, movies, or commercials?
  • Do you want to feel more connected to the music industry than ever before?

If you said "Yes" to any of the above,
then Licensing Basecamp is for YOU!

Yes!! I'm ready for Licensing Basecamp!

What is Licensing Basecamp?

It's our exclusive online sync community, with weekly LIVE networking and coaching calls via Zoom. We also host a private Facebook group for the community for 24/7 support and connection.

It's the perfect place to meet all of the people in the music industry that you need in order to succeed in sync.

Through our calls and events, you'll meet new collaborators, successful sync songwriters, pitching agencies, music supervisors, and more!

Write every month for real sync opportunities through agency briefs and our 2Indie industry sampler. So many songs are signed to sync pitch deals every month!

You can think of us as your new sync social chairs. Introducers to the industry. Matchmakers in your music career. It's a networking party every month in Licensing Basecamp!!

Why Basecamp?

  • You're tired of doing the same things and getting the same results.
  • You're ready and looking for a massive and exciting change to the way you do things!
  • You want to¬†discover how to take¬†your passions and skills and find a fulfilling home for them in the music industry.
  • You deeply desire to¬†contribute to the music industry and feel appreciated and connected to it.¬†
  • You're beyond excited to see your music¬†licensed to film, TV and ads.¬†
  • You'd love to make new friends¬†to share your victories in sync with.

How Basecamp Works

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls on Zoom - Tuesdays at 10AM PST (Replays always!)
  • Networking & Coaching calls¬†include:
    • Song feedback from Sonnet & John - Learn what makes songs that place tick from 2 indie artists who have been there and done it.
    • Meet successful songwriters in sync¬†- How do indie artists write the kinds of songs that land placements? Find out!
    • Meet people who can pitch your music¬†- We introduce you to one new agency every month for you to consider!
    • Meet important Music Supervisors¬†- We introduce you to one new supe every month!
  • Real Sync Opportunities
    • 2 briefs per month are given to the Basecamp community
    • Special monthly listening session with pitching agency to make sure you're on track
    • At the end of the month, the best songs from the group are sent to the agency
  • Monthly 2Indie Sampler
    • The best songs created for the monthly briefs are put onto a special sampler
    • Sent to Sonnet & John's vast network of sync agencies looking to sign songs for rep
    • So many¬†indie artists have signed licensing rep deals through this sampler
  • Private Facebook Group to connect with other artists, songwriters and producers
    • Get peer feedback on your music around the clock
    • Be held accountable by the new friends you make
    • Find co-writers and producers to¬†collab with

It's time to say... "YES!!"

You ready to take the plunge (wheeeeeeeeee!) and make the change!? It just so happens that we made this community extremely valuable AND affordable. We don’t want money to be a reason why you don’t join us here and change your career. As 2 indie artists, we want it to be artist-friendly... for ALL.

See you in Basecamp, climber! :)

Sonnet & John

Yes! I'm ready for Licensing Basecamp

Our Surveys Say It All...

  • 98% Licensing Basecamp satisfaction rate
  • 32% signed sync rep deals through Licensing Basecamp in 2022
  • 76% met new collaborators through 2Indie's programs
  • 93% feel 2Indie creates events and programs that truly meet them where they are right now in their music careers to help them push forward
  • 93% feel more in alignment with their purpose as a music creator than ever before
  • 93% feel they are making more of an impact with their music than ever before
  • 96% would highly recommend working with Sonnet & John to their music making friends
Yes! I'm ready for Licensing Basecamp

Gabrielle Taryn

Indie Artist, Singer & Songwriter

Being a member of Licensing Basecamp has changed my life in ways I didn’t see coming. Connecting with collaborators who have the same goals has been so valuable. The support I’ve received is something I’ve never experienced in my career before. And the opportunities that Sonnet and John give us each month are truly priceless. Endlessly grateful!

Elliott Garfias


If you're looking to really take your music career to the next level I highly suggest joining 2Indie Licensing Basecamp. The amount of knowledge and direct insight that John and Sonnet give you is priceless. Truly grateful to have found this tight community.

Cinder Ernst

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

Working with John and Sonnet will make your music and life richer with connections, education, kindness, and fun. All that will lead to success; but, in a way that lights you up and lifts your soul. You will be energized and empowered as you reach your music goals instead of possibly being burnt out and discouraged.

David Spethmann

Singer & Songwriter

2Indie Licensing Basecamp leaders Sonnet and John are not just sync licensing experts, they are gifted teachers sharing a highly contagious heart and soul driven enthusiasm that resounds throughout the community they've built. It feels like home with a tight knit family, all of whom are helpful and pulling for you.

Mariana Risquez

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

By far the best coaches I have ever had. They have a powerful and genuine vision of what music creators need to succeed and they truly care about everyone one of us individually. Their dedication and time they invest in giving us the best tools and feedback makes all the difference all of it inside of a supportive community that feels like family. I can say confidently Sonnet and John have changed my life for the better. I feel seen, powerful and authentic. I am grateful.

Tom Crowell

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

2Indie is a great community for education, networking, collaborations, and other resources. John and Sonnet are super supportive and encouraging. And the format covers so many areas, from listening sessions, analyzing songs that get placements, working through proper mindsets, and encouraging collaborations. 2Indie gives you that path to consistent growth.

Jen Richardson

Indie Artist, Singer & Songwriter

2Indie has an incredible curriculum. They stay on top of the weekly communication, portal, and Facebook community content. John and Sonnet make themselves available and often extend the weekly calls or listening sessions. They are always open to receiving submissions, even at the last minute. They are filled with positivity and offer really great advice to help the community. They are also very well connected in the industry and bring on great mentors. I would highly recommend this program!

Peter Brynjolfson


Licensing Basecamp provides practical advice and guidance for independent music makers who take their music seriously and want to advance their careers.

Rebecca Trujillo Vest

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

Sonnet and John have offered me another way and another chance to advance in my music writing and career. I have met the most valuable collaborators (including you Sonnet) through all your programs. 2Indie Licensing Basecamp is exactly what I would suggest to anyone who is looking for HANDS ON to achieve overall music business - COACHING. I highly recommend the Get Repped for everyone. Also for folks with a tight budget, just showing up and participating in their free offerings is valuable in itself!

Kyle Langlois

Indie Artist, Singer & Songwriter

I learned about sync in January 2022. It is now Dec 2022 and I have over 15 songs repped, 90+ songs in my catalog, my first writing collaboration within the sync community, released an EP on vinyl and Christmas single on vinyl, and focused my identity as a musician and artist - all due to diligently soaking up the valuable insight and advice from Sonnet & John.

Jo Hogan

Songwriter & Producer

John and Sonnet walk their talk, have amazing authentic relationships with Music Supervisors, have success as Artists and with Sync Licensing and are straight talkers who genuinely want to see their students win. They also have a tremendous philanthropic hearts and make a difference to many people, no matter the level of experience one brings to their table. Grammy nominated or just starting out. Do yourself a favour... Jump on into base camp now. Everyone needs a great tribe to win.

James Whelan

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

2Indie provides a generous creative collection of writers, performers, and producers who maintain a beautiful loose affiliation that aims to uplift everyone’s game. John and Sonnet provide guidance and keep everyone engaged but there is no unhelpful competitive vibe at all. It just feels good!

Nancy Bolen

Songwriter & Producer

2Indie Licensing Basecamp is a community of like minded professional songwriters, producers, and vocalist. I love how the community is so supportive, and they truly want to see everyone succeed. It is great to see everyone's growth, and see all the great collabs coming out of this community. I have worked with some super talented people, and the music is sounding so fresh and syncable. I love the opportunity that 2Indie has, to get our songs out into the Universe, we have signed multiple repped deals because of 2Indie. I love how John and Sonnet give targeted constructive criticism, their advice has really helped me and my husband Patrick to level up over time. We are excited about 2023, it will be our year for placements!! WooHoo!

Ty Avery

Indie Artist, Singer & Songwriter

My experience thus far with 2Indie Licensing Basecamp has been more than I could've ever imagined. Due to this program, I have elevated not on my music but my confidence, my education on industry standards, I've collaborated with some AWESOME people that are now friends. Sonnet and John are truly angels and this program has been nothing short of a blessing! I look forward to the more great things to come from this group.

Sarah Peterson

Singer & Songwriter

If you're serious about making connections in the sync world then 2Indie is the place for you. Great leadership, fantastic potential collaborators & tons of real, honest opportunities for connection to the industry.

Raul Vargas

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

2Indie will give you the knowledge and perfect boost to catapult your music career and keep getting better every day, not to mention the amazing community of wonderful people that you’ll be part of, there is nothing more powerful than a group of people with the same goals and different skills working together, priceless!

Johanna Yukiko Haneda

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

2Indie's Licensing Basecamp allows aspiring and experienced musicians to access invaluable advice from music professionals. Not only does this program provide fantastic mentorship opportunities, but it also acts as a musical development course to help you create licensable music.

Scott Loza

Indie Artist & Songwriter

2Indie is an amazing way to move your music career forward if you are an independent artist looking to gain skills, knowledge and expertise. We have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in a fun and creative way.

Janet Buller

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

Sonnet and John know the business and art of making music and are great at sharing all their insights. They make it super fun too!

Dave Crimmen

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

John & Sonnet have the experience and the positive, caring attitudes to help empower other artists, singers, writers & producers. They walk their talk and one can not ask much else from another. Highly recommend.

Tina Nowicki


2Indie Licensing Basecamp keeps me accountable to my music career and provides all the tools and resources I need to grow and succeed. John and Sonnet are amazing mentors and the community is incredibly supportive. The monthly assignments have allowed me to build multiple winning teams and keep me on task. I can’t believe how much my songwriting and music I’m creating has improved in such a short amount of time. We’re given endless opportunities to step-up our music careers!

Kevin James LaValley

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

Since joining 2Indie I have never been more excited and confident in my potential for success in the Sync world, and as an Artist!! The whole community welcomes new members with wide open arms and I have witnessed so many successful collaborations/placements amongst the students!! 2023 is truly gonna be an exciting and amazing year!! I highly recommend 2Indie to all music makers out there trying to get a leg up!!

Lisa Dunn

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

Sonnet and John are fantastic at supporting indie artists reach their full potential in the sync licensing business. They have both proven themselves as successful artists and know what works. I recommend their program for anyone interested in the field.

Holger Willebrandt

Indie Artist & Producer

Sonnet and John know their way around in the sync world and don't hesitate to share their knowledge. They give valuable advice and critique that helps everyone grow to their full potential.

Yes! I'm ready for Licensing Basecamp

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