About 2Indie: Our Mission Statement & Partnerships

About 2Indie

2Indie is a successful music business education company founded by the “dynamic duet” of Sonnet Simmons and John Clinebell in 2022. Both former VPs at music licensing agency Catch The Moon, and with hundreds of major placements of their own music to their credit, Sonnet and John know what it takes for indie artists, songwriters and producers to realize life-changing upward momentum in their music careers… From the inside out! With an ever-growing online community and strong presence around the world, 2Indie offers innovative live and pre-recorded coaching programs on sync licensing, artist branding, releasing music and social media for artists.

2Indie Mission Statement

We're on a mission to make career fulfillment possible for all music makers.

The music industry doesn’t come with a roadmap to success. It can be a difficult and lonely journey to navigate. The incredible thing however is that we’ve found there's no one-size-fits-all path to career fulfillment. The possibilities are endless when you have the right support and take a ton of action. That's why we founded 2Indie, a coaching company that empowers music makers to supercharge their careers through innovative programs and an unparalleled community. Build a life you love in the music industry!

2Indie Partnerships

We're so proud to partner with dozens of amazing music licensing agencies, music supervisors and other talented music industry professionals. Too many to even list! You know who you are and we say thank YOU.

We've also built amazing strategic partnerships with other organizations that we believe in and that can help us to achieve our company's mission. 

One of those organizations is Pandion Music Foundation. They are an amazing 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission of moving the needle towards a more inclusive and equitable global music industry. We have had so much fun supporting this worthwhile organization through fundraising efforts like our Sync-O-Thon and building community with them at their beautiful Earthstar location through events like our popular Sip & Supe series.