Join Us for Syncabaloo!

All-In Pass for Syncabaloo!
A La Carte for Sip & Supe

2Indie Presents a Special NAMM Week Event

Syncabaloo! Los Angeles Sync Festival

Hosted by Pandion Music Foundation at Earthstar in Venice, CA

Join us for 3 full days of programming on April 10-12th including:

Monday, April 10:

  • (10AM-6PM) Sync-O-Thon Song Feedback Marathon - Attend this fundraiser for Pandion Music Foundation in person! Get feedback on your music LIVE, mix and mingle with guests we bring in live for the marathon online broadcast. It's all for a good cause!
  • (7PM-10PM) Sip & Supe Mixer - It's BACK. The first one with Alec Stern was so superb we're doing another one of these during Syncabaloo. This time our special guest is Leah Harrison, Music Coordinator/Supervisor at Full Pursuit Media. An 8-year veteran to sync, she has lead licensing project on productions for networks CBS, Netflix, Hulu, CW, Freeform, ABC, NBC and USA as well as those with film studios. What a unique opportunity to get a professional music supervisor's perspectives in such a relaxed and fun format.

Tuesday, April 11:

  • (10AM-6PM) 2Indie Writers Camp for Syncalicious - We're doing our first writers camp, and this is going to be a stacked opportunity. Meaning that you will be writing on one of the songs for an album that is ALREADY REPPED. We have a distro deal and sync rep in place for this before the songs are even done. You'll be in a team of 3 writers that join John and Sonnet in the studio (and potential special guests) to topline an awesome indie rock song for 2Indie's first studio project: Syncalicious. Each attendee will be working in the studio for a block, auditing in the studio for a block, and the rest of the time will be engaged in fun activities with their group to get in the mindset to make the most of this amazing opportunity.
  • (8PM-10PM) Collabodate - Think speed dating but for creative collaboration in the music industry. You will meet at least 10 different new potential collaborators during this event!

Wednesday, April 12:

  • (10AM-6PM) 2Indie Writers Camp for Syncalicious - Day Two!
  • (8PM-10PM) 2Indie Artist Showcase - This will be an intimate whisper room concert featuring artists from our sync community. Attendees can submit for an opportunity to perform at the showcase.

All events combined are a $625 value, right now we're opening a few spots for people who want to do everything before we open it up to a la carte. And giving you a special deal of $500! Note attendance to this event and spots in the writers camp are very limited. We want to ensure that the atmosphere of Syncabaloo stays electric throughout but never feels overcrowded.

We hope you join us for this special festival of sync events!

Your friends,

Sonnet, John & the entire Pandion team