Discover Your True Voice.

As a music maker, as a songwriter, as an artist. This is about saying "YES" to YOU

Join us for 4 incredible weeks of showing up like never before for your career. Reimagine songwriting and production, from your most authentic expression possible.

What is Songpact? This is a 4 week rapid-growth online accelerator experience created specifically for indie artists, songwriters and producers. Discover your true voice as a music maker. Get direct mentorship for your career. Take newfound purpose + massive momentum into 2023!

Authenticity is one of the biggest factors in finding true success in the music industry because it fuels both the music you make and the way that you brand it.

During Songpact we'll be slowing down to speed up your career. Over 4 powerful mastermind group calls via Zoom, we'll discover exactly where YOU are in your journey as a music maker, help you clearly articulate who you truly are and what you stand for, and accelerate your branding and songwriting through these exciting discoveries... in real time!

During this important journey, you'll be joined by these incredible forces in the industry:

Jason Kramer - Over the last 23 years, Jason has been the host of his popular radio show weekends on 89.9 FM KCRW in Santa Monica. His show is well known for introducing some of the most popular artists to date including Billie Eilish, 1975, Florence and the Machine, Tones and I, Ed Sheeran and many more. Commercial concept music supervisor working with such brands as Kia, Pepsi, Lexus, Toyota, and many others.

Wendy Parr - World-renowned vocal coach, multi-award-winning songwriter, and authentic artist branding and development coach to professional artists around the world. Leading with kindness and connection, her guidance has helped countless artists define success on their own terms, in turn impacting millions of people across the globe. Drawing upon over 20 years of experience, it’s little wonder Wendy is known as ‘The Holistic Artist Coach’.

Munnycat - The LA-based indie noise pop band made up of producers K808 & Khaledzou. They've joined forces to blur the lines between dance, electropop and golden age hip hop. The result is confident, creative, and completely infectious. 2 total collaborators - they love each other, they live together, they write and produce together, they even shoot and edit their own music videos together. They're passionately DIY and their music has been proudly licensed over 200 times. Munnycat makes energetic and empowering neon-colored west-coast bops, with car-rattling kick drums and grimy percussive layers.

To encourage you to drop in we'll be incorporating many holistic wellness practices you can participate in through group Zoom calls:

  • Breathwork
  • Sound bath
  • Meditation

And as part of your branding discovery we'll be exploring:

  • Copywriting
  • Style
  • Photography

This is a life-changing experience to know yourself as a music maker more deeply than ever before. You'll leave with:

  • A newfound purpose and momentum in your music career
  • A brand that effectively represents what you do to your fans and decision makers in the industry
  • The ability to confidently express that in an effective way that feels totally authentic to you
  • New and marketable song ideas that completely align with the compelling brand you have developed
  • Practical tools for your branding, including a new visuals and new copy that represent who you truly are in the industry
  • Incredible memories with fellow music makers!

Meeting YOU where YOU’RE at! We’ll hold the space for you to shake up your mindset in the best way possible, and teach you advanced strategies as you need them.

In many cases, we’ll also directly leverage our creative skills and our industry contacts to help you realize big strides forward in your licensing career. We are holding nothing back to help you succeed.

Direct Mentorship. You'll have 24/7 direct access to us via a Voxer channel. It's a "walkie-talkie" phone app, and you'll be able to ask us any questions you have at anytime. We'll give direct encouragement and support to you throughout the 4 weeks.

Making Professional Introductions. At the end of the 4 weeks, we will pitch your radio-ready music to 4 different music licensing agencies looking for new indie talent to rep. We will make sure your music and you are both ready for this exclusive opportunity!

Clarity + Acceleration to take into 2023. We’ll hold the space for you during Songpact to challenge your mindset in the best way possible, take a LOT of action around your branding, and of course there will be LOTS of songwriting. It's your time!

Sonnet and John

 PS - Here's the main schedule:

Hosted via private Zoom calls during the month of November, starting on the 7th at 10AM PT.

Monday, November 7th at 10AM PT: Call #1 with Sonnet & John
Monday, November 14th at 10AM PT: Call #2 with Sonnet & John
Monday, November 21st at 10AM PT: Call #3 with Sonnet & John
Wednesday, November 30th at 10AM PT: Call #4 with Sonnet & John

All expert & bonus calls TBA.

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