Let's Get Legal

Four powerful 90-minute sessions with top music attorneys. Answering questions on songwriting & publishing, copyrights, collaboration agreements, and reviewing sync deals and contracts. 

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Jeff S. Becker: Friday June 3rd @10am PT

Collaboration Agreements: Split Sheets, Producer Agreements, Work For Hires, etc.

Erin Jacobson: June 10th @10am PT

Songwriting & Publishing: Understand your rights as a songwriter and publisher.

Huck Ingram: June 17th @10am PT

Rep Deals and Licenses: Know your rights when getting repped and having your songs placed.

John Sheil: June 24th @10am PT

Copyrights: Fully protect your music and understand legal use of samples and beats.

Let's Get Legal!

This is your chance to get your legal questions answered once and for all.

Get 6 hours of legal expertise in this affordable accessible series.

Each call includes in-depth topic discussion and insights, plus open audience Q&A.

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