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Want to say it loudly and clearly with your branding so that your audience can finally hear you, truly hear you for the first time? Find your WHY and then show it to the WORLD like never before. Connect more deeply with your audience and your art. This free 5 day workshop is for music makers of all types: artists, producers and songwriters alike. Starts October 17th! [Full Details Below]


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  • Day One: Understanding Branding - Monday, October 17th @ 9AM PST
  • Day Two: Define Your Why - Tuesday, October 18th @ 9AM PST
  • Day Three: How To Make Your One Sheet - Wednesday, October 19th @ 9AM PST
  • Day Four: Workshop Your One Sheet - Thursday, October 20th @ 9AM PST
  • Day Five: Artist Party! (Indie Artists Talking Branding) - Friday, October 21st @ 9AM PST

If you can't attend live, replays will be made available to all of those who register for a limited time.

"How Can I Make My Message Clear?"

Let's be honest. Most indie artists, songwriters and producers struggle to talk about what they do. They often try to make their marketing appeal to all people at all times, obscuring what makes them truly unique and diluting their brand. We're a couple of successful indie artists who have created an authenticity framework that helps music makers in all genres to fully clarify and own their message. When you speak to the industry from that empowered place, your destined fans and the gatekeepers you’ve tried to breakthrough with can finally hear you loud and clear. We're so excited to invite you to One Sheet Wonders!

"What is One Sheet Wonders?"

During the One Sheet Wonders 5 Day Challenge you'll learn why branding is so important for indie artists, discover your unique "why" and create a compelling one sheet that demonstrates that you fully own what it is that you do in the music industry. You can then use this invaluable marketing tool you've made to proudly influence all that you do from now on in your career. You'll get tons of support and encouragement from the One Sheet Wonders private Facebook group throughout the 5 days. We'll be workshopping many one sheets LIVE and also bring the perspectives into the conversation. It'll be fun and game-changing.

The calls are all 9AM PST from October 17th-21st.

We're happy to send you an invite to this LIVE workshop series on Zoom. Just fill out the simple form and we'll email you the Facebook and Zoom info directly. 

We really hope to see your smiling face on Zoom during the challenge. Trust us, this is one piece of overlooked work that will pay back dividends many times over throughout your music career. And best of all - it's totally free!

Sonnet Simmons and John Clinebell 
Co-Founders of 2Indie

PS - We ourselves hate spam, so just know that by entrusting us with your email.. we thank you for the privilege and take it seriously! When we send out anything, it's because we truly believe it adds value to your life and can help you level up in your music career. Enjoy the challenge, it is going to be so fun and informative!