Indie Artists Share Their Sync Success Stories - Basecamp Champs #1

#basecampchamps #musiclicensing #podcast #successstories Jun 08, 2023

We sit down and chat with indie artists, songwriters and producers from our 2Indie Licensing Basecamp about how they've moved the needle forward in their sync careers through strategies, collaboration, accountability and find opportunities in the industry. We talk about songwriting, production, pitching and teamwork. #musiclicensing #synclicensing #musicbusiness #musicbusinesstips #musicbusinesspodcast 

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It's our exclusive online sync community, with weekly live education via Zoom and a monthly song assignment given by a new partner licensing agency each month. In twelve months you'll get over 50 hours of group coaching from Sonnet & John, and learn from 12 different agencies.

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