Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Elisa Share (Eyla Rae) Talks About Her Synccess

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Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Elisa Share (Eyla Rae)

"I inherited some pretty cool musical genes from both sides of my family. Due to that, I don’t think my soul ever really had a chance to feel fulfilled without music in my life. When I started belting out tunes at about 5, my parents got me into piano lessons, voice lessons, acting lessons and I began performing in a traveling musical troupe that even had appearances on Boston TV stations. I loved every second of it and never looked back.

Every time life would throw challenges at me, music was my savior. Whether it be sitting at the piano and making up songs or hiding in my room with a tape recorder singing into it, that was my therapy. I studied music at U Miami, Florida, and then moved to NYC and then Los Angeles where I recorded my first full pop-rock album. All the while, I was a computer techie in some of the world’s largest law firms and that allowed me to pay for life, productions and studio time."

2Indie LOVES sharing about indie music makers in the community who are finding creative fulfillment in their careers. Artist, songwriter, and producer Elisa Share sat down with us to answer a few questions.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

"My music is fused with influences from artists like Dua Lipa, Sia & Lady Gaga, and often leads with messaging of positivity and empowerment. I love creating a bop that you can dance to with a huge smile on your face. But, honestly, prior to the pandemic, I was mostly writing and singing ballads. I wrote several benefit songs to raise awareness and money for various national organizations such as The American Cancer Society, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Atlanta, as well the Lupus Foundation of New England.

When I started with John and Sonnet back in October of 2020, they opened my eyes to the world of sync and I realized that I wasn’t letting my bubbly self shine through my art, but only my emotional self, even when I had been doing pop rock back in LA years before. So, I created a new moniker and learned to combine all of my traits into the upbeat AND emotional Eyla Rae, that is genuinely who I am. My tagline became, Sweet & Swagger Pop Music.

Now that I’m producing full time too, I’m able to work with some amazing artists who sing all the different kinds of music that don’t fit my voice. I’ve been producing huge cinematic trailer type songs and well as lots of hip hop. I still created dance music and when a brief calls for it… I’m still in for a good ballad."

What challenges have you faced as an independent music maker, and how have you overcome them?

"When I was living in LA, I went to a wedding in Florida and met my husband, who was actually living in Maine at the time. Crazy ha?! I had just finished my first album in LA and was working with a great studio. Fast forward a few years and I moved back east to get married and start a family with him. We moved to a gorgeous area on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and although it’s been an amazing place to raise our 2 boys, I had always felt lost not having the creative world at my fingertips as I did in Miami, NYC and LA.

For years, I continued to work with my studio in LA, and other studios in Nashville, but I was never able to give much input in how I wanted my songs produced or mixed. I had ideas at my fingertips but wasn’t able to execute them. It was prior to video chats and zoom calls so it wasn’t easy like it is now to work remotely.

Then, one day, a producer got short with me because I wanted something different than what he “thought was right,” and I instantly realized that since I knew what I wanted and heard it in my head, then I needed to learn to produce myself. I was already a computer techie, AND had a degree in music. In my mind, I had no choice anymore, I had to learn to produce!

And… did I ever!! It was not fast…. but I learned that determination is a powerful thing. By the time of the pandemic, I had been producing for myself for about 3 or 4 years and still learning new things every day."

What has working with Sonnet & John through 2Indie Licensing Basecamp been like?


It sounds crazy but my creative world opened up again. My small NH town has still been right out my window, but my life truly became global. I have met so many loving, kind hearted souls through their programs. All of these people are not only musicians just like me who truly want to create, but some of them also have kids like me, others even have grandkids and others are just starting out their journey.

Either way, we are ALL sewn from the same cloth. John and Sonnet’s programs have shown me that just because I’m a mom, doesn’t mean my music goals need to end. I’ve written more music in the last 2.5 years than I have in my entire life. I have a huge catalogue and pretty much all of those songs are repped by various agencies. I’m repped as a producer for one agency and I’m repped as an artist/ producer for another agency who takes any song that I think would fit their catalogue. But, I also have several other agencies whom I consider very special to me because I’ve worked with them so often. I love having those relationship where they know what kinds of music they can depend on me for and they truly appreciate what I can provide for them.

It’s no longer about me just writing a song. It’s about me having a purpose to create something that might fill someone else’s needs. I’m now not only writing and producing for myself, but for so many other artists and collaborators world-wide. Working with John and Sonnet has actually given my soul back its heart."

What advice would you give to other independent artists who are trying to break into sync in the music industry?

"Oooh…. THIS…. If you are a singer/songwriter, but don’t produce your own music then I feel the biggest gift you can give yourself is to learn to record your own vocals. And, you could even go a step further and learn to pitch correct and comp them too.
If you are able to do that with clean vocal tracks, you would be able to work with producers from ALL over the world. THAT is also how you will be able to work with producers who know the best practices for what is needed in the world of sync."

What's the next exciting music news everyone out there has to look forward to coming from you?

"I started producing BIG cinematic tracks for other artist/collaborators recently and it’s opened my eyes to an entire new area of excitement. I look forward to doing more big promo cinematic type songs, but I’m also finally starting to release that pile of upbeat bops that I created in the last few years."


What an inspiration! We are so excited for Elisa and her success. 

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