The Unprecedented Get Repped! Conference '23

#2indie #getrepped'23 #musiclicensing Jun 05, 2023

Get Repped Virtual Conference was gangbusters! There were over 40 music licensing agencies who shared and listened to music and countless songs signed because of the opportunities and dots connected. 

You have the power to take control of your own career! Get informed and get connected. That is what it is all about.  You are not alone!

The uber successful Get Repped! Conference '23 resulted in some amazing takeaways. Here are a few comments left by some participants: 

"Biggest takeaway- you have connected us and given us insight to incredible agencies and how they do business. You have had people hear the talent level of this community and for these past two days, I am extremely grateful to you guys." - Lisa Dunn

"When you think you’ve up’d your game, think again! The bar is high and you must high your bar! And, 2indie is where it’s at to reach those heights." - Robin Rich

"I'm in the right place, learning from the right people and feeling empowered to follow my own trail." - Cinder Ernst

"I need a Uhaul!!! So many great takeaways. I think the encouragement from the panels to not follow trends, to just write great songs was one. What a great two days!!!" - Susan J Windover

"What a Conference!! This was a 2Indie Classic. This was Hands down the best virtually live experience I've ever experienced. So much Talent, So much wisdom, So much critiquing, so much INSIGHT. I'm overly impressed with not only the amazing Panelist but the Organization of the conference." - TY Avery 


Everyone is welcome!
Join us next year to meet the agencies, get song feedback and level up your career! See you then!
Sonnet and John  

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