Highlights from the Guild Of Music Supervisors Award 2023 Show

#musicneedssupervision 2023 highlights award show gms guild of music Mar 20, 2023

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of attending the Guild Of Music Supervisors Award 2023 Show. Here are a few highlights I wanted to share with our community. 

First, I wanted to spotlight the supportive community that GMS creates. It has been my experience over the years in the music industry that the gatekeepers and industry leaders were unreachable for the indie artist. It is clear to me that GMS really does an amazing job of celebrating the incredible work of the Music Supervisors, providing them with necessary resources and also creating incredible inclusive programs that welcome artists, composers and the entire music industry.

The audience was a mix of accomplished music supervisors, awesome sync agencies, and talented artists; all there to support one another and recognize that we are all colleagues in different ways supporting the magic of music, picture, and storytelling.

Another wonderful thing I heard Madonna Wade-Reed share is that GMS is behind unionization for Supervisors. This is huge. If you don’t know about it, know about it. Check out more here #MusicNeedsSupervision.

It was a blast to connect in real life with old and new friends and celebrate the work that we are all inspired by… the storytelling that occurs when media meets music. These are the stories that move our hearts, that pass down our histories, and create a diverse and inclusive world. 

If you’re not a Friend of the Guild yet, you can join here. Supporting the Guild, is supporting your work as an artist and the work of music supervisors who help tell these stories through music. 

On a personal note, I had dinner before the event with some powerhouse women who are making moves and showing up in this world of music. Unicorn Sync, Pandion Music Foundation, Rosie Howe, Briana Cash, Osmunda Music, Motogirl Music, Crystal Grooms Mangano, and Idylmind.

In closing, here’s my biggest takeaway. Just do you and show up. Make amazing music, connect in human ways to other humans, show up, and the opportunities will come, the connections will happen. I was left grateful to be doing what I love, working on a powerful EP sharing messages I feel need to be said, and supporting an international music making community that is made up of some of the most supportive, talented, and warm humans. Can’t wait for next year!

If you’re looking for a lineup of all the winners, check out this article here. 


Written by Sonnet Simmons (@sonnetmusic)

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