Cinder Shine Shares Her Sync Success

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Artist and Producer Cinder Shine's Sync Success
"I've been singing, playing guitar and writing songs for most of my life. In 2019 I got off my motorcycle and couldn't walk...cancer metastatic to the bone. I turned away from a successful fitness business and decided to focus on fun. This decision led me into the world of sync songwriting. Since then I've studied, practiced and gained respect, rep deals, placements and most importantly - countless hours of life-giving satisfaction and fun. I also found 'my people' in this music community."

2Indie CARES about all indie music makers and we are so excited to hear their stories. As much as we love setting our eyes on future success, we also love hearing about the journey! ARTIST and PRODUCER Cinder Ernst (Cinder Shine) sat down with us to answer a few questions about her journey.

  How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

"No matter what style I'm writing or preforming, my music has an undeniable thread of wisdom and truth, and you will feel it."
What challenges have you faced as an independent music maker, and how have you overcome them?
"My first challenge was having a "dated" sounding voice, I'm 63 after all. So I stopped trying to be the vocalist, and began to collaborate as a songwriter with other singers and producers. Now I am having so much fun and success as a sought after collaborator, songwriter and topliner. Knowing that I am good at background harmonies and stacks, I started to really enjoy adding those vocals to my songs. People now request Cinder Shine BGVs. As I have grown musically, my lead vocal has become more relevant, and I am happily singing as an artist now too."

What has working with Sonnet & John through 2Indie Licensing Basecamp been like?

"Working with John and Sonnet keeps me current in the music licensing world, and by staying involved in a group I keep moving forward. New briefs and new songs keep my positive momentum going strong. I always seem to be creating something new. I have worked more intimately with John and Sonnet also and my songwriting and toplining skills have improved dramatically with their coaching. Everything begins with a great song."

What advice would you give to other independent artists who are trying to break into sync in the music industry?

"Listen to the free boot camp at and then join us in Basecamp. Attend sync related listening sessions and pay close attention to song feedback. Take note of what music is being licensed and be influenced by those songs and artists."

What's the next exciting music news everyone out there has to look forward to coming from you?

"Trace The Sky the title cut of my LP was released on all platforms March 14th. This record was crowdsourced by my loving community as I struggled with new tumors and radiation. The song, co-written with John, points to the possibility that there is always a way to find your diamonds."         

We are so excited for Cinder and her success! We are so honored to be apart of her people! She's an inspiration and we are so glad that our paths crossed so that we can share a small part of her amazing story!

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