Before & After Snapshot of Chris Avery and His Success with Sync

#2indie #successstories #syncsuccess Jun 26, 2023

We sat down with Chris Avery to discuss where he was in the sync world before and where he is now only 8 months later. This interview just goes to show that with the right mindset, community, and commitment, success can be yours!

Chris Avery came into the our 2Indie music licensing community less than a year ago and has immense success since. 

What success has unfolded for you in such a short period of time and what steps have you taken to really show up for yourself in your career and your craft?


"My name is Chris Avery. Before I got into 2indie, I kind of was just making still music off of beats I was using off YouTube. Nothing that I could ever license, nothing I can ever clear. It was like that was my natural setting and then I was linked with Cinder and she linked me with a producer of hers. Right off the bat it was like, WOW! It was like I never experienced high quality production until I met Jay and from there I got a little coaching from them because they were already experienced. So I went off of my two values that I try to tell anybody: Fearless and Limitless Reach Out. Try to make yourself present. Try to make yourself known.

And that's basically what I did even after that track and collaboration. I submitted to that brief Get Loose With It and it was placed in January.  Like that was so crazy man! That was so amazing to me to see how fast it actually can work when you're just focused on making a great track. We didn't even have the basis of how to make a sync track like people say. It's just how to make a great track that we all love and boom. From there, the signs just flew through the roof. I think like four or five people wanted to sign Get Loose With It. 

Then the other briefs that came about I feel like those briefs from 2Indie definitely laid a foundation because even if you don't have any inspiration, you have that one inspiration to focus on this brief. I can have one assignment to focus on: the brief. If I put a month worth of activeness into this one track, I'm sure I can give it my all in and from there each and every month it's been like new agency reps reaching out to me.

The next track after that Wanna Be A Star, I had to reject like four agencies because it got signed too many times. So I'm like, how fast can it really happen literally?! I would say by the time I submitted it for the November's brief, it was most likely sent out probably in December like since it was the end but it was less than a month, if not a month, before I got my first recognition. Then just in the communities like just reaching out, reaching out to different people, I didn't know anybody to start this I didn't know anybody that was making great quality music I'm talking about on an indie type level and like I said I didn't really a few months ago!"


Crazy, yes, but you know what I think - You show up. You left me a voice message in my DMs and you were like 'Hey I'm new to the community, I saw this, I felt like yeah I want to show up.' And you show up 100% on every track that you submit. You are a star in terms of just like the energy you bring. You're full on energy and that is what people are signing. People are placing your music that you are working and collaborating and showing up on and even at work before we pressed record you were like 'okay so I was doing this and I changed it.'

Tell us about how the choices that you make on a day-to-day basis just really prioritize what you want?


"So music is so important to me that I've almost got like kind of in trouble at work because I'm a supervisor where I have a lot of free time where I can watch emails and stuff like that and sometimes I literally would tap out from work because of how easy it is to focus on my mindset because I know that that's my ultimate goal, that's my passion. I'm not trying to work nine to five for the rest of my life. I'm trying to be like you said, a star in this music stuff. So it's like the sacrifice of I've had that conversation with my wife, I was like 'look I've told even technicians that it's gonna be a time soon where I'm gonna have to leave y'all and go do something else' and I've been putting myself in position ever since we had that conversation where I'm like I don't know how soon it's gonna happen but I'm just gonna keep putting myself in position to receive that blessing which is gonna come if I keep applying myself the way that I am."


That's also the law of the universe, explore it and you know it's coming and you show up in the world as if it's already yours. It's there it starts unfolding you know like those are the gifts that we are blessed with when we are ready and we're dialed into that receptivity and you have that 100% and look how fast you can move things from that space.


"Super fast. I'm talking about to the point where I got in my head now soon as I make a track now I'm like this is 2indie. The biggest part of even being any type of success is to network and have a web. Have access to the right people and so 2Indie helps me get connected with people that I would have never connected with. You talk about somebody that's looking up beats on YouTube and that's what all that I'm doing is making tracks. Never doing anything with them. If anything I'm putting them on all of the this like Spotify, Apple music, or something like that but nothing after that. I'm not doing anything else. I'm not reaching out to see if my music can be placed in sync. I have had before I got into sync, I had about three people in my life that told me my music should be used in sync and I was like, 'what are you talking about, what is sync?' I was like TV? and I was like, 'bro I don't know where to start with that' But now I realize it's literally the ultimate feeling for me that I when I think about just making great authentic tracks now it's like having a layout to where it's super original, it can be versatile but it's not too specific. But hey just make a great authentic track. That's the only way that I know how to say it. Now I'm in that bag so heavy to where I feel like I don't want to be too boastful but I don't think that I can make a bad track."


You can't be too boastful when you know you're part of that is just sharing your truth and energy is like beaming out of your eyeballs when you're sharing this with us. You show up. You create. You give love.  You just you act as if it's already here and that is what comes back to you and it's such a reminder of - we can make excuses all day 'oh my gosh there's not enough space for me' and like 'my music isn't this' and then like all the hurdles or we can be like 'yeah I'm doing it, I'm doing it and I'm gonna keep showing up until it keeps coming' and that's you. Look at what that difference makes. We can argue for our limitations.


"I think about myself and how insecure that I was before I really started making music and I listened to some of my music and I'm like it's kind of healing to me to see that side that's super confident. I feel myself type music coming from somebody that was like so close-knit in the shell, insecure like I didn't want to be around people and it's like how did that person make these tracks and that's what's wild me every time I make a song. I'm like it don't even feel real to me but it's real. When you tap in, when you step away from all of the noise and logic and you just focus on making an authentic track, something that you love, you'll be surprised at what actually comes out."


I feel like; watch out world, because you are already have so much success and it's just gonna keep on snowballing and you're setting yourself up for that and you have incredible music to share. It lifts people up and you have a message to keep sharing. You have a daughter who's going to be looking at the example you're sharing you know. You're just an example of an amazing human being in this world who's creating awesome music and is showing other people what is possible in the art of creating. We all have those whispers to create, to give, to show up, and you're doing all of that and there's no road map it's like just keep showing up for it.


"Most definitely that's the focus. I can't do anything but align myself and put myself in the best position possible."


I love how healing it is. Bringing that healing element of seeing where you were and where you are and who this person is. Letting your true self shine.


"I don't have no other way to do it."


I love it! I wanted thank you so much for taking the time to share your journey we're gonna be watching you and can't wait to hear what's next. Where can people find you and find your music and stay connected to you?


"I have some new releases this Friday actually. You can look up TY Avery - that's my social media as well as TYAvery with two underscores. I thank you Sonnet and like I said everything that this community is definitely doing. I'm loving it and I'm glad to be a part of it."



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