Artist Kyle Langlois from Deathorcist - Shares His Sync Story

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Artist Kyle Langlois from Deathorcist - Shares His Sync Story

“I think deep down, it’s everyone’s goal to make a living doing what they truly have a passion for, and at a young age I discovered that I wanted a career in creating music. A career in any of the arts can be incredibly competitive and at some point I had to put my head down and “get a real job” in order to actually pay bills and survive. But I still continued recording and playing in bands as much as possible. I cycled through all kinds of jobs: flipping burgers, graphic design, dead broke and on food stamps, working door at music venues, etc - but somehow, through hard work, I eventually developed a successful video editing career. For the first time, I found myself with some stability. Once I learned about sync I realized this could be the perfect industry for me where I could actually sustain myself while doing what I love. My goal has always been to live a modestly comfortable life provided solely by the creation of my music and now I am able to pursue that to the fullest.”

2Indie LOVES sharing about indie music makers in the community who are finding creative fulfillment in their careers. ARTIST Kyle Langlois sat down with us to answer a few questions.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

"Authentic psych/punk/garage rock - think The Kinks meets The Stooges but with a modern polish. 'Heavy garage rock wizards resurrecting the damned soul of Sgt. Pepper'"

What challenges have you faced as an independent music maker, and how have you overcome them?

Production quality is very important. For most of my life we would DIY everything - from writing to mastering, booking tours to music videos. Which I still think is awesome, but not always the most practical. I learned that you need to focus on your strengths and collaborate with others. And don’t be afraid to spend money to hire someone for extra help when you need it."

"Getting into sync in general was a big hurdle. There was so much to learn - best practices/legal stuff/contracts/pitching. Sonnet, John, and their guest speakers really helped me make sense of everything. Learning from people with professional experience, and also a lot of reading, finally gave me a grip on how sync actually works.

What has working with Sonnet & John through 2Indie Licensing Basecamp been like?

I started working with Sonnet & John in January 2022 with zero knowledge of sync, despite being a lifelong musician with a decade of DIY touring/recording experience. I resolved to attend literally every single zoom, listening session and event they offered for 8 consecutive months in order to absorb as much information as possible about this industry. By June, I had become competent enough to effectively pitch my music and landed my first rep deal. By December, I had 15 songs repped, a new band, a vinyl EP release, vinyl x-mas single release, and many amazing new friends and contacts in the sync community. The guidance, experience, and knowledge provided by Sonnet & John has been invaluable to me and I’m super excited for the new collaborations, in-person events and opportunities that 2023 holds.”

What advice would you give to other independent artists who are trying to break into sync in the music industry?

Immerse yourself in as many classes, listening sessions and events as you possibly can. Take notes and be intentional. Listen critically to lots of music. Create lots of music. Get organized and do your research. Work with what you have but upgrade your equipment when appropriate. Network with like minded individuals. And don’t be a dick!”

What's the next exciting music news everyone out there has to look forward to coming from you?

My new band, Deathorcist, just sold 15 copies of our debut vinyl EP to a boutique record label so for the first time ever we have some actual record label support, which hopefully will lead to more releases with them. We have a 2nd EP coming out in March, a music video in the works and I have several new collaborations in progress. I pitch new music to agencies weekly and create music constantly. Very excited for 2023.                     


We are so excited for Kyle and his success. His story goes to show just how quickly you can go from ZERO knowledge of SYNC to sky rocketing your sync career by getting repped! We are here to provide the tools and the community to make that happen!

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