2Indie's March Syncalicious Sampler & Our Monthly WIndie Awards Given Out

2indie licensing basecamp music industry sampler sync sampler syncalicious windie awards Apr 22, 2023
2Indie's March Sampler

We're SO EXCITED to announce the indie artists, songwriters and producers included in our monthly Syncalicious music licensing sampler. Congratulations to all of those who submitted the winning songs this month. There were many amazing songs!

March Sampler:

Gabrielle Taryn "I'm Gonna Win"

Janice FitzGerald "Every Day I"

Jess Rodriguez "Watch Me Move"

Lim Jue Min Daniel "Easy Does It"

Lucy LeBlanc "Feel The Power"

Mary Haller "Get U Some"

Nancy Bolen "I Like It I Want It"

Robin Rich "Tis Money"

Vicky Curtis "Breathe In"

Zach Sicherman "The Classic"

We gave out our second round of WIndie Awards in March. These awards are given out to people who demonstrate the special things that can lead to a fulfilling and sustainable career in the music industry. Congratulations to these amazing winners!

We are sending them all a 2Indie coffee mug along with this acknowledgement. Mariana Risquez wins the Massive Collaboration Award. Holger Willebrandt wins the Fire Branding Award. And Christin Wenzel wins the Max Effort Award. Congrats to all who won this month, and just putting everyone on blast that 2Indie is watching. Join Licensing Basecamp. You just might be the next WINDIE Award winner!

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