2Indie's February Syncalicious Samplers & Our First Ever Monthly WIndie Awards Given Out

2indie ingrid marie felts jenna mcgoran licensing basecamp music industry sampler ron gitter sync sampler syncalicious windie awards Mar 03, 2023
2Indie Spooky Sampler

We're SO EXCITED to announce the indie artists, songwriters and producers included in our monthly Syncalicious music licensing sampler. This time we had 2 separate samplers separated by genre: "spooky" songs and oldies! Congratulations to all of those who submitted the winning songs this month, and as well to the many many other great songs (and winning teams) that we couldn't include this time around. 

Spooky Songs Sampler:

Anelda Spence "Something Wicked"

Daniel and the Sparrows "Say Hello To Mr. Hyde"

Elisa Share "Can You Escape The Devil"

Gail Silverman "Hide and Seek"

Kurt Hoover "Welcome to the Family"

Lucy LeBlanc "By A Thread"

Marci Elizabeth "Shame"

Mary Haller "Black Butterfly"

Maya Coppola "Greenery"

Nomae "Use Me"

Moe Loughran "Just Getting Started"

Oberture / TY Avery "You Can't Hide"

Oldies Sampler:

Asa Sandberg "I've Got Your Six"

Dan Trilk "Lucky Like Me"

Dave Crimmen "Dancin' Shoes"

David Zipse "Chase Those Blues Away"

Eddy Bishai "1, 2 How do ya dooooo"

Gary Wicks "Moonlight Reverie"

James Whelan "Violet The Violent"

Kyle Langlois "The Devil I Know"

MJ Mynarski "For You"

Rebecca Trujillo Vest "Breeze, Love & Skin"

Tom Crowell "You Ain't Gonna Pin This Thing On Me"

Vicky Mathis Curtis "This Is Me"

And we gave out our very first round of WIndie Awards in February. These awards are given out to people who demonstrate the special things that can lead to a fulfilling and sustainable career in the music industry. 

We are sending them all a 2Indie coffee mug along with this acknowledgement. Ron Gitter wins for totally trying something new with February's brief asking for "spooky" music. IngridMarie Felts wins for really finding her stride as a writer and vocalist these past couple of months. And Jenna McGoran wins for being one of the most consistent hard-workers we've ever seen in the sync community, collaborating with so many others and making so much new music. Congrats to all who won this month, and just putting everyone on blast that 2Indie is watching. Join Licensing Basecamp. You just might be the next WINDIE Award winner!

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