2Indie's Supetacular! Conference

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This year 2Indie hosted the brand NEW Supetacular! Conference!

Music makers were able to learn from 20 Music Supervisors over 2 powerful days (June 15th & 16th, 2023) so they can serve the sync world to the highest of their potential and boy, did they SHOW UP!  


Supetacular is our 2 day virtual conference where participants were able to find out what these Music Supervisor panelists are working on currently, what they need, get their opinion on what's current, gain perspective on what's crucial to come across as a professional, and use all of this to clearly understand where the participants music fits in.

All who attended were able to gain perspective on the things needed in order to be the best partner they can be to the key players in music licensing - allowing them to take the knowledge and spirit and put it into their writing and production teams! In turn, maximizing their team's potential and making them a true team player in sync.

The conference included:

8 Hours of Listening Sessions to learn what Music Supervisors prefer from music when they are looking for that perfect match to picture. Everyone got to submit a song that was screened LIVE.

7 Hours of Q&A where everyone was able to ask the important questions they have for our Music Supervisor panelists to help them understand who they are, what kinds of projects they are working on, what they need, what's current and how they get the job done.

A custom sampler (The Best of Supetacular! Sampler) was created from the best of attendee submissions and sent to the panelists.

30 Days of Replays - The entire conference was recorded and is available to catch any of the action that was missed.


Some of the Music Supervisors who offered their wisdom and insights included those who have worked on some of the hottest TV shows, films, trailers and ads in existence. Panelists included:

  • Ann Kline, Music Supervisor (E.R., The West Wing, Shameless, The Good Doctor, The Goldbergs)
  • Gary Calamar, Music Supervisor (Six Feet Under, True Blood, The Man in the High Castle, Cobra Kai)
  • Brian Vickers, Music Supervisor at Walt Disney Studios (Major Theatrical Trailers for Disney)
  • Sarah Chapeck, Music Coordinator at Black & White Music (Atlanta, Wednesday, The Wilds, The Equalizer)
  • Brian Naguit, Vice President of Music, Creative for CBS Studios (Blood & Treasure, Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Picard, Star Trek Strange New Worlds, NCIS Hawaii)
  • Kelsey Mitchell, Music Supervisor at Ignition (Major Entertainment Advertising for clients such as Universal, Sony, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Disney)
  • Greg Sweeney, Music Supervisor at Motive Creative (Major Theatrical Trailers and Promos for clients such as Warner Bros, HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon, A24 and Lionsgate)
  • Armine Ramer, Music Supervisor at States of Sound (“Crip Camp” Shantaram (Apple TV+) “Woodstock 99” (HBO) “Flint Town” “Jay & Silent Bob Reboot” “Baby Done” “The Rhythm Section” “Weeds” “ The Signal” “The November Man, “Faking it”, “Richard Pryor –Omit the Logic”, “DB Cooper”- “For A Good Time Call” "Lonely Planet" (Netflix) "Five Nights at Freddy’s" (Blumhouse)
  • Alex Stacey, Music Supervisor at Neophonic (American Horror Story, Fahrenheit 451, Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus)
  • Mike Turner, Music Supervisor (Over 50 film/TV credits - Including CBS, Paramount+, Netflix, MTV Networks, Direct TV, Hulu and VICELAND/A&E
  • Nick Maker, Head of Music Supervision at The Elements Music (Brands such as Heineken, McDonalds, Toyota, Smirnoff, and Lexus)
  • Jennifer Smith, Music Supervisor (Why Women Kill, Deadly Illusions, Behind the Music, Simchas and Sorrows)
    Brian Naguit, VP, Music Creative at CBS Studios
  • James Combs, Music Supervisor and Coordinator (Titans, The Man in the High Castle, True Blood, Six Feet Under, Shrek 2, House of Lies, Uncle Frank)
  • Adele Ho, Music Supervisor Yellow Rose (Sony Pictures), Chuck Leavell: The Tree Man (Gravitas Ventures) Utopia Falls (Hulu), JT LeRoy (Universal Pictures), G-Funk (YouTube Red), Tyler Perry's Acrimony (Lionsgate)
  • Josh Young, Supervising Television and Film Editor, Founder of Atrium Music (Temptation Island)
  • Crystal Grooms Mangano, Music Supervisor at Groomsy Music (Dolly Parton's Heartstrings, Don't Tell A Soul, Standing Up, Falling Down, Cold Blue)
  • Jennifer Mandel, Music Supervisor at Uncle Agnes (TV, Film & Commercial Clients)

Congrats to everyone who was involved with the making of the amazing tracks that were chosen for the Best of Supetacular! Sampler. I would say the large majority of songs submitted will easily find rep deals. For this special sampler we'll be emailing it to all of the music supervisors who were on the panels. Some of them requested the full list of songs played at the conference and we will be sending those over so everyone will have their music sent to a few Supes!

The Best of Supetacular! Sampler winners are listed below.

Jamin Krause "Keep Your Head Up Over The Waves"

Kendra Dantes "Can You Escape The Devil"

Mary Haller "That's What Friends Are For"

Kyle Langlois "She's Going Out Tonight"

Rachel McGoye "Brain Turned On"

AK Stella "Wicked Works"

David Kui D'Alessio "Love Is A Ride"

Nikki Kelly "Goldilocks' Luck"

Lisa E Williams "Burn"

Anelda Spence "If It's Over"

Cinder Ernst "Trace The Sky"

TY Avery "You Like That"

Marci Elizabeth "Setting Sun"

Devin Balram "Lost In You"

Triple Feather "Highway to Ruin"

Fine Citizens "Tempted"

Rebecca Trujillo Vest "Con Toda Palabra"

Veroze "Can't Hide"

RiSi "June Gloom"

Monica Young "Golden Hour"

Meagan Geer "Am I Already Found"

Cass Eager "Ain't No Stopping Me"

Mr. Phelps "Living In Color"

Stay tuned for our next Supetacular in 2024!

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