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Welcome to The Sync Society... An exclusive social club committed to enriching the lives of indie artists, songwriters, and producers.

We do this through monthly introductions to successful professionals in the sync industry, peer networking events, and exclusive sync briefs tied to real opportunities for projects and samplers.

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A Story About 2 Indies...

Hey, friend! (Gonna keep this short and sweet, promise!)

We’re Sonnet Simmons and John Clinebell, 2 indie artists who have found financial success and creative fulfillment through licensing our music for ads, TV shows and films. 

We were once so disheartened and discouraged that our music wasn’t being noticed or valued through traditional methods. So we both started on a journey to find another way. For us, that “third door” was sync! And what we discovered is a lot better than we could have ever even imagined.

We want to YELL IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS: You have the power to have a THRIVING music career!!!

We are on an exciting mission to help other indie artists - like you - learn how to take your passion, your incredible music, the messages you want to share with the world… and find meaningful homes for your works in shows, movies, and commercials.

Our brand credits include Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Meta, GoDaddy, T-Mobile, Nivea, Lee Jeans, Volkswagen, PrettyLittleThing and Microsoft. Networks include FOX, CW, Disney/ABC, BBC, HBO, CBS, ESPN, BET, Netflix, Hulu and Nick Jr. We have hundreds of placements between us.

Not that long ago, neither one of us knew how to get our music heard. As we learned how to make compelling original music that met the needs of filmmakers, TV producers and ad agencies, we also found a new way of showing up in our music careers. A new path, with challenges, progress and new friends made at every turn in the road!

We put in the work, and one day, we each had our own sync success stories start to take off! Sonnet landed a spot for a Lee Jeans commercial and then a spot on the popular TV show “Younger”, while John got the news his song “Happy Feeling” would be used in a global TV campaign for Starbucks - $25,000 pay day! How exciting it all was, to know that millions of people were hearing our heartfelt voices, and we were getting paid so well for it. Since then, we’ve both consistently landed placements and found a real passion for teaching about sync.

Over the last couple of years we’ve shown thousands of indie artists, songwriters and producers how to cut through the noise. To make competitive music and effectively pitch it for lucrative licensing opportunities. Of course we want to help you too. Wherever you are in your music career right now. 

If you are looking for some foundations on music licensing, our Licensing Bootcamp is the best place to start. It’s free and so helpful. 

Once you know the basics, please consider joining The Sync Society, our private social club where we welcome you, introduce you to the sync industry, and give you lots of briefs and the opportunity to submit to be included on our monthly sync sampler.

Warning: None of what we do is stuffy or formulaic. As fellow artists, we want you to truly feel at home with us. We promote a sync family vibe through and through. 

Thanks for checking our sweet little online education space out, and hope you have an absolutely freaking amazing day!

Sonnet & John

PS - Welcome to all the seasoned sync vets as well! We aim to host an inclusive community, helpful to all levels of experience. Your perspectives are always so appreciated by our new members… and by us!

Bootcamp: Learn The Basics of Sync!

The fundamentals of sync. Mindset, research, songwriting, producing, prepping, and pitching. Created for indies, by indies who have walked the walk! In-depth and valuable training, essential to anyone new to licensing. Oh, and did we mention it's totally free?

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Our Private Sync Club

Get Your Songs Signed

An exclusive social club committed to enriching the lives of indie artists, songwriters, and producers.

We do this through monthly introductions to successful professionals in the sync industry, peer networking events, and exclusive sync briefs tied to real opportunities for projects and samplers.

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Some of Sonnet & John's licensing placements


Baptist Health | Coca-Cola | Comcast Sports | Del Lago Resort & Casino (3 yrs.) | Facebook | GoDaddy | Instagram | Lagoon Amusement Park | Lee Jeans | Microsoft | Nike | Nivea | Overstock.com | PrettyLittleThing | Red Bull | Solidity Films | Starbucks | T-Mobile | Venus | Vivo | Volkswagen | XTB/xStation

TV Shows:
Almost Never (BBC) | Arnold Palmer Invitational (SKY) | The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix) | Bad Girls Club (Oxygen) | Best Ink (Oxygen) | Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes (HBO) | The Ellen DeGeneres Show (NBC) | Extra (Warner Bros) | The Family Business (BET) | Hawaii Five-O (CBS) | Katy Keene (CW) | Keeping Up With The Kardashians (E!) | Kingdom Business (BET) | Little League World Series (ESPN) | NFL Kickoff (FOX) | Racing Wives (CMT) | Real World: Ex-Plosion (MTV) | Riverdale (CW) | Seven Sharp (TVNZ) | Sky Sports News (SKY) | Soia & Kyo (QVC) | Teen Mom (MTV) | Teen Mom 2 (MTV) | Temptation Island (USA) WWE Royal Rumble 2021 (PPV) | WWE SmackDown! (FOX) | Young & The Restless (CBS) | Younger (Paramount)

TV Promos:
Animation Domination (FOX) | Beat Shazaam (FOX) | CBS All Access Promo (Nick Jr.) | Duncanville (FOX) | Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back (FOX) | The Masked Singer (FOX) | The Moodys (FOX)

Conrad & Michelle: If Words Could Kill (Lifetime) | Deadly Seduction | Flesh On Fire | Heavenly In Love | The Milky Way (Netflix) | Zero Gravity

Bunga Bunga (Wondery)

Mariana Risquez Shares About Her 2Indie Experience

Hear directly from Urban Latin Pop artist and songwriter Mariana Risquez (@marianittarisquez on Instagram) as she shares from the heart about her profound transformative experience working with Sonnet and John.


Indie View: Jackson Chant

Indie artist Jackson Chant shares about the experience at Get Repped! as a great place to both meet new collaborators and get professional sync rep for your music.


What People Say About 2Indie

Our family speaks volumes.
*Sync Society is formally known as Music Licensing Basecamp

"I met Sonnet and John through a CTM course I took and they’ve been an absolute pleasure to know and collaborate with over the years. Even after I finished the course, I came back and did interviews with them both because they’d been promoted to the role of the active teachers in the course for future classes being offered. They definitely get my stamp of approval as people who know how to do business the right way in sync and have a genuine goal of serving and helping others in their journey to music licensing success. Salute to SYNC IT! [Now 2Indie] … you’re in good hands.

Tamara Bubble

Indie Artist / Sync Superstar

"John and Sonnet teach about music licensing from great knowledge and experience. Both are highly involved in the sync world, and have a great rapport with supervisors and agencies. They are truly able to show the way because they have done it themselves!

Sam Knaak

Producer & Indie Artist

"Even after 11 years in the industry, there was so much I didn’t know that I didn’t know. What I learned from John and Sonnet just made everything click into place, and suddenly I started getting more placements and rep deals. On top of that, they’ve built an amazing, supportive community where I’ve met many of my go-to collaborators!" 

Kimera Morrell

Indie Artist

"2Indie will give you the knowledge and perfect boost to catapult your music career and keep getting better every day, not to mention the amazing community of wonderful people that you’ll be part of, there is nothing more powerful than a group of people with the same goals and different skills working together, priceless!

Raul Vargas

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

"Sonnet and John have offered me another way and another chance to advance in my music writing and career. I have met the most valuable collaborators (including you Sonnet) through all your programs. 2Indie Licensing Basecamp is exactly what I would suggest to anyone who is looking for HANDS ON to achieve overall music business - COACHING. I highly recommend the Get Repped! Conference for everyone. Also for folks with a tight budget, just showing up and participating in their free offerings is valuable in itself!

Rebecca Trujillo Vest

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

"I learned about sync in January 2022. It is now Dec 2022 and I have over 15 songs repped, 90+ songs in my catalog, my first writing collaboration within the sync community, released an EP on vinyl and Christmas single on vinyl, and focused my identity as a musician and artist - all due to diligently soaking up the valuable insight and advice from Sonnet & John.

Kyle Langlois

Indie Artist, Singer & Songwriter

"John and Sonnet are incredible leaders and educators in the world of sync licensing, and I’m truly grateful for the knowledge that I’ve gained through such hands-on, valuable mentorship.

Marina Bennett

Indie Artist

"If you're looking to really take your music career to the next level I highly suggest joining 2Indie Licensing Basecamp. The amount of knowledge and direct insight that John and Sonnet give you is priceless. Truly grateful to have found this tight community.

Elliott Garfias


"I’ve been learning from Sonnet and John now for over 14 months. Their program to learn about writing music specifically for TV/Film has transformed my songwriting and production skills tremendously.

Elisa Share

Indie Artist

"2Indie provides a generous creative collection of writers, performers, and producers who maintain a beautiful loose affiliation that aims to uplift everyone’s game. John and Sonnet provide guidance and keep everyone engaged but there is no unhelpful competitive vibe at all. It just feels good!

James Whelan

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Poducer

"Being a member of Licensing Basecamp has changed my life in ways I didn’t see coming. Connecting with collaborators who have the same goals has been so valuable. The support I’ve received is something I’ve never experienced in my career before. And the opportunities that Sonnet and John give us each month are truly priceless. Endlessly grateful!

Gabrielle Taryn

Indie Artist, Singer & Songwriter

"Since joining 2Indie I have never been more excited and confident in my potential for success in the Sync world, and as an Artist!! The whole community welcomes new members with wide open arms and I have witnessed so many successful collaborations/placements amongst the students!! 2023 is truly gonna be an exciting and amazing year!! I highly recommend 2Indie to all music makers out there trying to get a leg up!!

Kevin James LaValley

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

"Working with John and Sonnet will make your music and life richer with connections, education, kindness, and fun. All that will lead to success; but, in a way that lights you up and lifts your soul. You will be energized and empowered as you reach your music goals instead of possibly being burnt out and discouraged.

Cinder Ernst

Indie Artist, Singer, Songwriter & Producer

"2Indie is an amazing way to move your music career forward if you are an independent artist looking to gain skills, knowledge and expertise. We have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in a fun and creative way.

Scott Loza

Indie Artist & Songwriter

"2Indie Licensing Basecamp is a community of like minded professional songwriters, producers, and vocalist. I love how the community is so supportive, and they truly want to see everyone succeed. It is great to see everyone's growth, and see all the great collabs coming out of this community. I have worked with some super talented people, and the music is sounding so fresh and syncable. I love the opportunity that 2Indie has, to get our songs out into the Universe, we have signed multiple repped deals because of 2Indie. I love how John and Sonnet give targeted constructive criticism, their advice has really helped me and my husband Patrick to level up over time. We are excited about 2023, it will be our year for placements!! WooHoo!

Nancy Bolen

Songwriter & Producer

"My experience thus far with 2Indie Licensing Basecamp has been more than I could've ever imagined. Due to this program, I have elevated not on my music but my confidence, my education on industry standards, I've collaborated with some AWESOME people that are now friends. Sonnet and John are truly angels and this program has been nothing short of a blessing! I look forward to the more great things to come from this group.

Ty Avery

Indie Artist, Singer & Songwriter

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