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[For Just $50 More] Sonnet & John, founders of 2Indie, Get Repped! Conference and Licensing Basecamp are so excited to announce that they are well underway in writing the first ever complete guide for indie artists, songwriters and producers to get agency representation in sync. From making the right kind of music to signing the right kind of deals through building potentially lifelong business partnerships, You Can Get Repped! covers it all between its covers!

They are now accepting preorders for the new book, tentatively ready for print in Q2/Q3. As an early supporter of the book, you'll get your name proudly printed in the acknowledgements section. Preorders really help with the costs associated with editing, designing and printing the final book. So thanks in advance!


Supetactular! Conference: Learn From 20 Music Supervisors June 15-16, 2023


Get serious about sync at 2Indie's Supetacular! Conference. Learn from 20 Music Supervisors over 2 powerful days so you can serve the sync world to the highest of your potential. Includes 8 hours of listening sessions and 7 hours of Q&A.


  • Learn from 20 Music Supervisors 
  • 8 Hours of Listening Sessions - Learn what Music Supervisors prefer from music when they are looking for that perfect match to picture. Everyone gets to submit a song that may be screened LIVE at the conference.
  • 7 Hours of Q&A - Ask the important questions you have for our Music Supervisor panelists to help you understand who they are, what kinds of projects they are working on, what they need, what's current and how they get the job done.  
  • Best of Supetacular! Sampler - We will be making a custom sampler from the best of attendee submissions to send to our network of music licensing agencies that have direct connections to music supervisors like the ones who are at our Supetacular! conference.
  • 30 Days of Replays - Catch any of the action you missed out on for a full month after the conference is over.

Note: All Music Supervisors and conference schedule is subject to change. We will do our best to screen as many attendee songs live as possible, but we can't guarantee that all songs submitted will be screened live. Rest assured ALL songs submitted will be evaluated by 2Indie for the Best of Supetacular! Sampler.

What People Are Saying:

I’ve walked into these events unsure if my music is syncable, and feeling intimidated by the industry. I have walked away from 2Indie conferences inspired, with a clear understanding of where my music fits in, or needs improvement, as well as just feeling an honest human connection with these incredible decision makers!

Meagan Geer