$197.00 USD

2Indie Sync Pitch - Music Licensing Pitch Panels

**Open to Licensing Basecamp Members Only**

Pitch your music directly to a panel of 3 decision makers in sync with Sync Pitch! Get live feedback on your music from top rep agencies in the licensing world. We bring in agencies that are looking for new music for their pitches. We've seen indie artists, songwriters and producers get snap signed to rep deals during panels like these. And no matter where you are in the process of licensing your music, these panels will be friendly, informative and extremely valuable in dialing in your music and practicing your pitch to real agencies in real time.


  • Pitch to 3 Sync Agencies via Zoom on May 25th at 10AM PT:
    • Wendy Griffiths (Truly Music)
    • Brad Cryan (411 Music Group)
    • Will Chadwick (A&G Sync)
  • 7 Minutes to Pitch - Spend the time however you like! It's your big opportunity to introduce yourself, play a reel or a full song and then get feedback from the panelists.
  • Sync Pitch Guide - Not sure HOW to pitch your music? We've got you covered! We'll give you a suggested gameplan for success with pitching your music during Sync Pitch to maximize the opportunity.

Once you sign up, we'll send you all the info you need to jump in on all the pitch call. Let's make some deals happen! We hope you join us for Sync Pitch!

Sessions are 2 hours long. Order of pitch is determined ahead of time so you can plan ahead. Limited to 16 people pitching to the agencies. We will be hosting replays in Licensing Basecamp and inviting the Basecamp community to audit these live sessions.